What is UHD-Certified?

These days, the quality of your media is dependent on two things: the hardware and the source. In 2018, it is easy to get 4K content from the source. Even Netflix, Amazon and Google Play offer a robust catalog of 4K content. That means that you, as a consumer, just need to worry about the hardware.

If you’ve spent any time shopping for new equipment for a home media setup, then you understand just how overwhelming that experience can be. There are hundreds of options, from TVs to speakers and more. With that much to choose from, it can be difficult to identify items that truly deliver on a state-of-the-art promise. After all, every product seems to be endorsed by someone or another—which endorsements matter?

Today, we are going to talk about the endorsement that’s designed to make your decision-making process painless and infinitely easier: UHD Alliance- certified. Let’s take a closer look at just what UHD Alliance-certified means and why every consumer should be seeking The UHD Alliance’s Ultra HD Premium™ — logoed products for their home viewing enjoyment!

To truly understand why products displaying the Alliance’s Ultra HD Premium™ logo are worth seeking out, the reality that not all media products are created equally must be acknowledged. How can a consumer really trust that what they are purchasing is as good as its marketing and salesperson claims it is? There are so many choices and it can get so confusing. That’s why the industry leaders have united with a common goal: to create performance standards that must be met or exceeded by the products they as a group endorse to ensure a premium audiovisual experience for the consumer. This vastly simplifies things for you when you are making your decisions in the marketplace. If you seek the UHD Alliance’s Ultra HD Premium™ logo on your products, you can trust that you are receiving products that deliver the utmost in quality, and performance.

For a product to be legitimately UHD Alliance-certified (UHD-Certified), it must have either a Ultra HD Premium TMor a Mobile HDR Premium TMlogo. Certification by the UHD Alliance is the gold standard when it comes to certifications for home media products. When you see a UHD- certified product, you know that it either meets or exceeds the stringent standards required to receive that logo. A UHD certification is not something that can be bought. Rather, it must be earned by delivering a state-of-the-art media experience.

There are multiple requirements that a product must meet to earn a UHD Alliance certification, but the nitty-gritty technical details of those requirements may not necessarily interest the average consumer. The average consumer cares more about the experience they get when they sit down at the end of the day to immerse themselves in their home entertainment center.

However, for those who want to scratch a little deeper beneath the surface without getting too technical, there are two primary factors that define the Ultra HD Premium™ experience that go beyond 4K and having more pixels.

The first major differentiating factor is something that transformed the television industry when it made its debut: color. Color today is not the same as it was a few decades ago. UHD-certified televisions offer one of the widest color spectrums available. If your screen is UHD-certified, that means that you have over a billion different shades of color available. This is one of the contributing factors that ensures that the content you are watching is displayed exactly as its creator intended, down to the shade of green used on each blade of grass.

The second, and most important, part of the Ultra HD Premium TM experience is the contrast delivered by the presence of high dynamic range (HDR) working in tandem with 4K. While hearing about a high contrast screen may not seem all that exciting, actually seeing content on a high contrast display certainly is. Images appear noticeably more lifelike when the contrast is higher. Once you’ve experienced the drama and visual immersion offered by a UHD-certified 4K HDR display, you’ll never want to watch a movie on an older screen again. It really is that much better.

When shopping in the vast array of choices in today’s marketplace, find the media setup of your dreams much more easily by sticking with products that are UHD-certified. That certification ensures that you’ll get the most premium, absolutely immersive audiovisual experience.  Sit, click, select, and kick back in the comfort of your own home and prepare to be blown away by the sights and sounds. Movie night will truly will never be the same again.