What Is the Mobile HDR Premium Logo?

We all know that home entertainment technology is rapidly and ever-changing. From the days of radio shows, to color television, the first flat screen, high-definition content and now, 4K Ultra HD content, it can be difficult to keep up with the speed of change. Fast forward to 2018 and we are living in the golden age of audiovisual entertainment. Unfortunately, that also means that there are more products than ever to wade through. That’s why the UHD Alliance (UHDA) created the Ultra HD Premium and Mobile HDR Premium logos.

Since we have already spent time discussing the Ultra HD Premium logo, this article focuses on the Mobile HDR Premium logo. What does it mean and what are the standards a product must meet to support it? Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to make it clear that, much like the Ultra HD Premium logo, the Mobile HDR Premium logo does not represent a set of standards that the entire industry must  adhere to. Rather, it is a UHDAcertification process  for those manufacturers and content creators in the UHD Alliance whowant to ensure their customers enjoy a premiumexperience. For a product to earn the Mobile HDR Premium logo it has to meet a stringent set of standards set by the UHDA. Knowing that, by selecting products that bear the Mobile HDR Premium logo, consumers can keep their focus on products that really deliver and be confident in that choice.

For a product to be considered for a Mobile HDR Premium it has to meet or exceed a certain set of standards in four different categories: 10-bit color depth on displays, a minimum number of pixels per degree, color space and maximum bit depth.

While all of that sounds cool, we know the average consumer doesn’t know what 10-bit color depth actually does and why having a minimum number of pixels per degree is important. However, all of these things are really important! Let’s take a deeper dive into what all this means for you the consumer, starting with HDR itself.

As you can tell by its name, Mobile HDR Premium devices delivers HDR, also known as high dynamic range. HDR screens work by creating a high contrast on the screen. On a mobile device, that means brightening the parts of the screen that need to be lighter, while simultaneously darkening the parts of the image that need to be dim. When it all comes together you get an image that you can easily see no matter where you are, that also stays true to the colors and sharpness that the video’s creator originally intended.

10-bit color depth, color space and maximum bit depth all go hand-in-hand. They work together to make sure that the colors on your mobile screen look as true to life as possible. You’ll see the different shades of green in a meadow, you’ll notice the subtle reflections off of windshields – everything will look more realistic. Each color will have more depth and shade which makes for the most life-like hues ever before seen on a digital screen. Once you have experienced your favorite show on a screen with the 10-bit color depth, color space and maximum bit depth requirements that the UHDA requires for its Mobile HDR Premium logo, you’ll never want to watch another video without it again.

Most of us have noticed low-resolution pixilation before, probably on our phones trying to stream a video with a bad internet connection. Having a high number of pixels per degree ensures that our videos are looking sharper than ever before. In order for a product to receive the Mobile HDR Premium logo it must have a minimum of 60 pixels per degree. This is also known as retinal resolution because it is the highest number of pixels that the human eye can compute. Any product that delivers over 60 pixels per degree is overkill, because as humans we are not capable of seeing the difference.

The UHDA is committed to being at the forefront of audiovisual entertainment. Whether you prefer to enjoy your content on a mobile screen, or on your home theater setup, UHDA will help you find the products you need. If you are a mobile user, be sure to stick with products that have the Mobile HDR Premium logo for the highest-quality experience available in the market.