What Is Immersive Audio?

These days having a high-quality home media setup is more affordable than ever before. However, there are still a lot of moving parts. If you want a state-of-the-art entertainment setup, there is no all-encompassing single product or prepackaged suite of products. You have to invest in different pieces of hardware, like a television and a media player. The third piece is the one that people tend to forget about, but it is one of the most crucial components of any media setup worth its salt: sound.

After purchasing a brand-new television, few people stop to consider buying a separate set of speakers. After all, that expensive TV has speakers built in, right? Unfortunately, the audio quality on even the best television pales in comparison with what you can get from a separate speaker system.

There’s no shortage of options for speakers if you want a premium audio experience in your home entertainment system. In fact, there are so many options that it can often be difficult to discern which products offer the most premium experience.

What exactly is immersive audio?

Immersive audio means that the speakers create sound that the listener perceives as coming from an infinite number of points around the listener. This creates a multi-dimensional sound that completely envelops the listener. Sound that the listener can perceive at any point around creates a more immersive experience that lines up more closely with the action on the screen than any other kind of audio.

There are a lot of speaker options out there. The easiest way to approach purchasing a new audio setup is to decide whether you want a sound bar, or multi-speaker setup. Both options can provide high quality sound and put you and your family or friends at the epicenter of the action onscreen!

If you are leaning towards a sound bar, you have plenty of options. Soundbars can provide immersive audio experiences and will provide greater ease of use and typically at more affordable prices than a full, immersive surround sound setup. Some soundbars can even become part of a larger surround sound system, should you choose to invest in one later on.

A high-end television is, of course, essential for a modern home media setup, but so too is a proper audio setup. Take the time to do your research  and determine what best mets your needs, however adding immersive audio will take the overall experience to a higher level.