What Features Can I Expect from A Device with the Mobile HDR Premium™ Logo?

Raise your hand if you have the Netflix app on your phone or tablet…. Well we can’t actually see you. We’re not THAT good. The fact remains that the number of people consuming media content outside of their living rooms increases daily. Perhaps you’re binging “The Office” from your smart phone on your lunch break. Or maybe you’re crushing your favorite action movie on your iPad. Our point here is that now, more than ever, people are consuming content from their mobile devices. And lucky for us, the proliferation of mobile content consumption has driven mobile device makers to up their game.

These days, it’s not only possible to enjoy our favorite content on mobile devices—it’s becoming the norm. We’ve all got places to be and shows to binge! But how do you ensure that your mobile device is giving you the best experience possible?

Unfortunately, with so many different wireless carriers and mobile device makers out there, it can be difficult to discern which devices can deliver that high-end experience, and which are overselling their capabilities. Luckily, UHD’s consumer-friendly logos makes this process easy.

If you want a mobile device that delivers a premium experience, then you want the UHD Experience. As a consumer, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the Mobile HDR Premium™ logo when you are shopping for a new mobile media product. That logo means that the product has been endorsed by the UHD Alliance, and either meets or exceeds the performance standards outlined by the members of the Alliance.

What exactly are those standards? Well, rather predictably for an organization that is comprised of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, film and television studios, content distributors and technology companies, it can get a bit technical. We don’t want to bore you with pixel density charts and color comparison models, but we do want you to understand what the UHD Experience means, so we’ll provide a high-level overview.

Let’s start with the basics. In this case, we are defining “mobile” as battery operated devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Anything like a desktop computer or television is not considered to be a mobile device.

In order for a mobile device to earn a Mobile HDR Premium™ logo, that device must offer high-dynamic range (HDR), a wider color spectrum, 4K-like resolution and color bit depth. All of those features work together to offer a color palette of over a billion colors. Not only does that sound impressive, it looks impressive too.

A billion-color palette combined with HDR and 4K-like resolution means that your on-the-go product will deliver one of the most realistic-looking images available on mobile devices. Whether you’re watching YouTube videos at your dental appointment, or simply want a better screen for mobile photography, any mobile device with the Mobile HDR Premium™ logo will not disappoint.

Naturally, once you have the UHD Experience on-the-go, you will also want to have it for your home media setup. Luckily, that’s a very easy thing to accomplish. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the Ultra HD Premium™ logo on any new television, computer display or 4K UHD Blu-ray player you’re considering.

The amount of digital content consumed by the average American continues to grow every day. If you want to experience that content in the most visceral and realistic way possible, make sure all your hardware is UHD Alliance-approved by seeking out the Mobile HDR Premium™ and Ultra HD Premium™ logos.