Understanding 4K Ultra HD


Professor Pixel: Hello I’m Professor Pixel, broadcasting live from the UHDA show and today we’re on a quest to understand 4K Ultra-HD and the technologies that make it truly a new home entertainment experience. And we’re also going to teach a little shortcut for finding the products that deliver the best in 4K UHD and the Ultra HD Premium logo. The logo was designed by the UHD Alliance. A group of the leading TV and electronics manufacturers, technology companies and movie studios. We’ll talk about what you need to know and why it’s the best way to connect you to the most immersive experience your favorite content has to offer. I have a few demonstrations lined up but first I’d like to…Oh! Hello sir!

Phil Michael: Hi! What’s this booth about?

Professor Pixel:This is a demonstration of the features and technology behind the Ultra HD Premium Logo and what they mean to you. So, what would you say is your level of knowledge? Are you a casual viewer or a full out cutting-edge tech geek?

Phil Michael: Well let’s just say all my watches have calculators in them.

Professor Pixel: Perfect. Let’s say you’re in the market for a new 4K TV, media player and there’s a whole list of features that you’re looking for. What if I told you you could either study all this stuff…

Phil Michael: Oh great, visible chromaticity values.

Professor Pixel: Or you could take all those specs, and numbers and tech talk and summarize them into one special seal of approval. Marks that ensure you’ll the best this tech has to offer.

Phil Michael:Oh…I mean…if it’s easier for you…sure.

Professor Pixel:  I’m going to show you an example of some of these incredible breakthroughs, but here’s the trick: we have no idea what the viewer at home is watching it with, so we gotta be clever about it. Are you ready?

Phil Michael: Clever is my middle name. It’s Michael, actually.

Professor Pixel: First up is resolution. Now I know you know about Ultra HD, and you may even know that that means that there are four times as many pixels as the full HD. Either way, we’re not here to talk about the amount of pixels, but rather the quality of pixels.

Phil Michael: But what about colors? Are we talking about millions of colors here? Billions of colors and increased bit depth?

Professor Pixel:Yes, with the advanced color spaces of these new devices bearing the Ultimate HD Premium logos, you’re guaranteed a picture that will make all the other pixels jealous.

Phil Michael: That’s what I was going to say!

Professor Pixel: So Phil, how old do you think the color standards are for the current HD sets or ordinary 4K sets?

Phil Michael: Oh yes, yes color standards…and by that we mean…

Professor Pixel: …from 1990.

Phil Michael: So long ago.

Professor Pixel:. I know! You see the old standard just couldn’t deliver nearly as many colors as the new one can. In fact, it covers a 35 percent larger color spectrum, and 64 times more individual colors. With the enhanced color performance required to earn the Ultra HD Premium logo, you my friend are looking at the future.

Phil Michael: And the future is looking bright!

Professor Pixel: I haven’t even told you about the brightest part. Let’s go this way. You see with the new high-dynamic range technology you will be able to see darker blacks, brighter whites than you could have ever imagined from a display. It’s sorta like this–think about being in a dark bedroom and then walking outside and everything is blinding.

Phil Michael: And that’s basically what an SDR display is right? It can’t reproduce the really dark or really bright stuff accurately.

Professor Pixel: Precisely, but HDR and a certified Ultra HD Premium or Mobile HDR Premium device changes all that. It makes sure that you won’t take a TV or other product home and end up with anything but the best HDR has to offer.

Phil Michael: That does sound really cool.

Professor Pixel:Sound? Oh, why I almost forgot about immersive audio. I was supposed immersed in the talk about quality pixels…get it?

Phil Michael: Marry me.

Professor Pixel: What was that?

Phil Michael: What was that?

Professor Pixel: Onward.

Phil Michael: Oh cool, surround sound!

Professor Pixel: It’s not just surround sound, it’s immersive sound. You can forget about 5.1 and 7.1 because it’s more like everywhere-point one.

Phil Michael: Can I give it a try?

Professor Pixel:Oh certainly.

Phil Michael: Yes.

Professor Pixel: Not tell me if this isn’t more than astounding.

Phil Michael: Woah.

Professor Pixel: Precisely. Do you want to hang out?

Phil Michael: Yes.

Professor Pixel: We can go see some more demos.

Phil Michael:Oh uh…yes. Absolutely. Yes, I would like to do that.