How to Choose the Right 4K UHD Display for Your Style and Space

It’s no secret that buying a television requires pre-purchase research. The home technology landscape evolution is fast-changing and sophisticated, so you need to make sure you know what you’re looking at when it’s time to buy. A really great 4KUHD television is an investment, and given the incredible programming right now, it pays to get a 4K UHD TV that suits your lifestyle.

But buying a television isn’t as easy as finding “the best one,” though. There are many factors to consider. Budget, for one, but also where you’ll watch. It would be a shame to get the wrong size or style after doing so much research on television technology options. This guide will help you find the right 4K UHDTV for you.

Size Considerations

4K UHD technology makes it easier than ever to have a larger screen in a smaller space, because you can sit much closer without compromising the viewing experience. Size really depends on what type of experience you want to have in your space. Do you want it to be the centerpiece of your room? Are you looking for an immersive experience? Or, are you just looking for something to watch the nightly news on?

If you’re looking to purchase a new 4K UHD TV, but aren’t sure what size you should choose, here are some general size guidelines you can consider, to help you select a display that will fit your space and needs:


TVs in this size range are outstanding for large living rooms and media rooms. This range is also a great choice for a mid-sized space, if you’re looking to achieve a cinematic experience. If you have a smaller viewing area but want your room to function as a media room, this an excellent size range for you. Look for advanced features such as HDR capability to complete the cinematic experience with a TV this size.

50″–65″ CLASS

TVs within this range provide great visual impact in any room in your home, including big living rooms. If you have an average-sized space, but don’t want to compromise your cinematic experience, we recommend purchasing a display in this size range. If you have a small space and are looking for a display to that will serve as the centerpiece of the room, this size range will suit you best. This size range also benefits from features such as HDR to provide a great viewing experience.

37″–49″ CLASS

These are versatile UHDTVs that can work extremely well within average-small sized living rooms and many bedrooms.


This is a great size range for smaller bedrooms, dorms, kitchens, RVs and casual viewing areas. Think “nightly news”. There are not many 4K options in this screen size, but

Spatial Recognition

An important factor to consider is your spatial layout. Where will you watch, and how many people will gather around the screen? A dorm room will have entirely different needs than an extra-large living room, as will a room entirely dedicated to the television compared with, say, a room that has the TV blend with its décor.

Also, think about how you’ll set up your 4K UHD TV. Will you mount it, and if so, is there room on the wall? Or will you use the stand, in which case do you have the right furniture to support your television of choice? Do you know where to arrange everything?

Unsure? Make a prototype television, like a cardboard cutout. Figure out the dimensions you think you’d like, and then arrange the “television” to see how it looks. Consider things like window light, recessed light interference, and optimal seating arrangements. Ideally, you’d want to place the TV where it will minimize reflection from lights in the room or from windows. When looking at TVs in the retail store, don’t forget to evaluate how it looks from various viewing angles as picture quality can vary.

Finally, make sure you consider how far you’ll sit from the television. As we mentioned, with a 4K UHD TV, you can sit closer to the screen than HD TVs, without seeing pixels. The optimal viewing distance is 1.5 times the screen height from seat to screen.

Watching in Style

Televisions come in varying thickness and many finishes ranging from black to metallic, and the bezel surrounding the screen also varies in size –the thinner the bezel, the more screen space in your field of view. It might not matter much to some people, but design decisions can impact the cost of televisions, so find the TV with the best combination of features and the right design for your space to get the best television for your needs.