How Do I Get the Most Out Of My New TV?

Every holiday season, thousands of Americans across the country happily wake up to the thoughtful gift of a brand-new television. Whether you are a movie buff, streaming series binge-watcher or sports fan, the excitement surrounding a new TV is undeniable. Don’t let that excitement get overshadowed by common mistakes as you head into the new year.

To help you enjoy your new television, we decided to outline the three most important things every new TV owner should do to make sure they are getting the most out of their set.

Don’t Forget the Details

If you were on the ‘nice’ list this year, perhaps Santa brought you a new 4K UHD television that displays the Ultra HD Premium™ logo, reassuring you that it meets or exceeds the stringent performance standards laid out by the UHD Alliance. However, there are two important components to consider to deliver a fantastic 4K Ultra HD experience: content source and proper cables.

Check the Content Source

This first factor, content source, is less obvious but equally important. The bottom line is that if you aren’t using a 4K content source, then even if your screen is capable of displaying 4K, it won’t have a 4K signal to display. 4K content has to be coming in to your system in order for 4K to be displayed on the other end: your screen.

Luckily, finding a 4K source is easier now than it ever has been before. Popular streaming services like Amazon, Google Play and Netflix offer streaming 4K content if you have a robust internet connection. And, if you subscribe to a major television provider like DISH Network or Direct TV, you always have the option to add 4K channels to your content package. And don’t forget, buying your favorite movie or TV series in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc to play on a 4K UHD Blu-ray player is not only recommended, but guaranteed to give you the 4K UHD experience you’re looking for.

Invest in Proper Cables

We’re all waiting for the day when TV’s come with all the bells and whistles and no wires. Wouldn’t that be great? Until then, which cables you make part of your home media setup is a small, yet important detail in bringing your 4K UHD experience to life in a way that won’t disappoint.

The two most important cables to pay attention to are the HDMI and ethernet cable. You must choose an HDMI cable that is rated to handle a 4K signal or you won’t be able to display a 4K image on your screen. Getting the right cable into your setup is key!

Don’t Forget About Audio

Home theater retailers are an excellent source of information on the benefits of both sensational video and audio. If you want a truly state-of-the-art media experience,  you can’t forget about the audio!

Even the speakers found in top-of-the-line televisions pale in comparison to the immersive sound quality you will get out of a full speaker system. If surround sound has never been your cup of tea or your budget is tight, new soundbars provide unbelievably high-quality audio, and can be found at a more affordable price than a full surround-sound system would cost.

While it’s not a requirement, the UHD Alliance strongly recommends adding immersive audio to your home theater setup for an unmatched audio/visual experience!