Getting to Know the UHD Alliance

What do you get when the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, Hollywood studios and technology companies decide to come together to help consumers by creating a set of performance standards for the ultimate home entertainment experience? The UHD Alliance! As a home entertainment consumer, you can rest easy knowing that when you  purchase a product with an Ultra HD Premium or Mobile HDR Premium logo on it, you’re  getting a premium UHD with HDR experience…

If you’re reading this blog then you already have a basic idea of what the UHD Alliance does, but let’s spend some time getting to know UHD Alliance a little bit better. What companies are a part of UHD Alliance? What UHD logos should you  look for? How is UHD working to future-proof entertainment experiences? Let’s take a closer look.

The UHD Alliance is comprised of the biggest players in the home entertainment industry. Together they developed, and tested with consumers, a set of performance requirements designed to enable displays and content to deliver a premium 4K Ultra HD with HDR experience. While UHD Alliance is accepting new members regularly, the current roster includes:

Samsung Electronics Corporation ,Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Sony Corporation, LG Electronics, Panasonic Corporation, Dolby Laboratories Inc, Technicolor R&D France,, Xperi Corporation, Amlogic (Shanghai), Ltd., Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., Arcadyan Technology Corporation, ASUSTeK Computer Inc., CerebrEX, Inc, Chroma ATE Inc., Google, Inc., Netflix, Inc, Novatek Microelectronics Corp., Onkyo Corporation, OPPO Digital, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, SPI International Inc., Synaptics, Tata Sky Limited, Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Dell Inc., Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. Multimedia R&D Center, Hisilicon Technologies Co., Limited, Intel Corporation, MStar Semiconductor, Inc., Nanosys Inc., NVIDIA, Philips International B.V. – IP&S, Pixelworks, Inc., Qualcomm Incorporated, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., Shenzhen TCL New Technology Co., Ltd., Teledyne LeCroy (Quantum Data, Inc), Telus Communication Inc, THX Ltd, Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation, TP Vision Belgium n.v.

To help guide you to premium products, the UHD Alliance created logos: …Ultra HD Premium and Mobile HDR Premium.These logos let you know that the product you’re looking at meets the Alliance’s heightened performance standards for 4K resolution, high dynamic range and wide color spectrum and color bit depth.

Products bearing either certified logo are independently tested by Advanced Technology Centers to ensure they deliver a premium experience. For example, products bearing the Ultra HD Premium logo must deliver 4K resolution standard, so you can see each strand of hair on your favorite superhero.  It also has to meet a significantly higher standard for high dynamic range (HDR), which makes for the brightest brights and deepest darks. Displays and content with this logo must also deliver wide color spectrum, which offers  over 1 billion  colors  vs. 1.6 million with HD displays.  The Alliance  even recommends next generation immersive audio which is capable of multi-dimensional sound support, creating the most immersive experience available. All of this adds up to make the most comprehensive and immersive media experience available in the home.

The UHD Alliance is committed to helping consumers have the best entertainment experience at home, and on the go. The Mobile HDR Premium logo ensures that your smartphones and tablets deliver a full-size experience from a pocket-size device. Consuming mobile content shouldn’t mean consuming content of a lesser quality–when you purchased UHDA-approved products, it doesn’t.

The future of audiovisual entertainment is changing every day, and the UHD Alliance is working to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. As a consumer, UHDA is here to bring you the highest quality media experience available. Keep an eye out for the Ultra HD Premium or Mobile HDR Premium logo the next time you’re in the market for new 4K Ultra HDhardware and software. Trust us, the first time you sit down and put on your favorite movie you’ll be very happy you chose Ultra HD Premium or Mobile HDR Premium certified products.