Watch your movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended. This new picture mode on supported Ultra Hi Def TVs preserves the director’s creative intent and provides a cinematic experience.


What is FMM?

Filmmaker Mode is a new TV viewing mode for watching cinematic content and is intended to preserve the creative intent of the filmmaker when enjoying content in the home.

What exactly does FMM do to render the picture?

Filmmaker Mode disables certain post-processing features such as motion smoothing, sharpening, noise reduction, and others, and puts the TV in a mode where the content is displayed as the director intended it, without inadvertent changes that may result from the TV’s advanced technical capabilities.

What manufacturers are currently including FMM in their displays?

LG, Panasonic, TP Vision, Samsung and VIZIO have announced support for Filmmaker Mode.

Will FMM work on all delivery platforms? (UHD Blu-ray Disc, Streaming, Broadcast)

Yes, Filmmaker Mode works with all content delivery mechanisms – disc, streaming or broadcast.

How does the viewer access FMM?

Filmmaker Mode works with all content delivery mechanisms – disc, streaming or broadcast. FMM can be activated automatically through metadata in the content that triggers the TV to shift into the mode, or it can be activated by the consumer through a single, convenient button on the remote or easily accessible menu.

Is FMM intended for all content?

FMM is intended for movie and TV content. Other modes are more appropriate for content such as sports, games, etc.

What if the viewer prefers a different mode, can they switch out of FMM?

Absolutely. By accessing the television’s settings menu, viewers can switch to a different viewing mode.

How does Filmmaker Mode work/interact with HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, etc.?

Filmmaker Mode is complementary to each of these and TVs can display content in Filmmaker Mode regardless of which of these technologies is present in the TV.  

Can existing TVs add FMM with a firmware upgrade?

It may be possible that some TVs can be made FMM capable with a firmware upgrade, but it is dependent upon each individual manufacturer as to whether it is part of their product plan.