UHD Overview

Learn everything you need to know about the technologies behind the Ultra HD Premium Logo and more in this video!


Watch this video to find out how home entertainment’s hottest new technology, High Dynamic Range, helps imagery pop right off your television screen for the ultimate visually immersive experience.

UHD Resolution

4K Resolution offers four times as many pixels as full HD resulting in a clearer, crisper and more detail-rich picture than ever.

UHD Wide Color Spectrum

Wide Color Spectrum, available on Ultra HD Premium™ certified TVs, shows you more of the vibrant colors you see in real life—and more importantly—allows you to more closely experience the film as the director originally intended.

UHD Immersive Audio

Learn how pairing next-generation Immersive Audio with your favorite Ultra HD Premium products has the power to elevate the viewing experience so that sound is experienced —and felt—rather than simply heard.